Welcome to Sweden's best adventure golf course!

In Berg you will find a state-of-the-art and architect-designed facility with the surrounding Göta kanal & lock area as its theme.

What is adventure golf?

Adventure golf is the perfect mix between regular golf and mini golf and contains courses with different themes, courses with or without buildings, water systems, bunkers, obstacles and decorations.

The courses are reminiscent of regular, large golf courses, but with the difference that there is putting distance to all holes.


Opening hours

Vi har stängt för säsongen, men återkommer med tider inför nästa säsong 2024.

Game rules

- Blue court is played with a blue ball.

- Red court is played with a red ball.

- Max 7 strokes per course.

- If the ball is played down in water or off the court, the ball is picked up on the court where it was played down / out and one (1) duty stroke is counted in the minutes.

- If the ball is played down in a sand bunker or in rough grass, the ball is played further from there. No type of duty counts.

- The flags must always remain in the holes.

- At the end of the game, the number of strokes is added together and the minimum number of strokes wins!


Golf & Ice cream!

Finish the golf with a delicious and cold ice cream in our café. We have a wide range of good "swedish fika".

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